text: Denise Kynd
photo: Alexander Krziwanie

Gizem Erdem is a Cologne based creative. Being an established Illustrator in her field, she has worked with companies such as Wacom, Netflix and The Guardian just to name a few. Gizem also enjoys being part of projects with a good cause; over the past few years she has collaborated with organizations such as Viva con Agua, Sea-Watch, Happyluja etc.

She mostly creates event visuals, editorial illustrations and album covers, however her repertoire exceeds further then this; exploring different textures, mediums and metamorphosing her work into murals, sculptures, paintings — as well as having her work weaved into rugs — displays the endless process of mediums she explores and delves into. Her work expresses the female subject, from the perspective of a woman.


Her work expresses the female subject, from the perspective of a woman. She implements her interests from feminist art, everyday rituals and childhood memories of strong independent women, in her creative process. This is adroitly displayed in her work, as a distinctive mark. Memories instantly spark various inspirational meanings for Gizem, where simple everyday tasks, are more seen as deep-meaningful-rituals instead. An aspect such as the dynamic of divers preparations in collectiveness; hands, care, repetitiveness – transcend into a mood due to its simplicity, is something which holds great meaning in her work. Her plethora is endless.

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